An Update

I planned on posting a Valentine’s short story but because of recent days-long power/internet outages, computer issues, and a pet death, the post will be delayed.

Thank you for understanding, reading, and your continued patience and support.

Fantasy/Romance WIP

Avianna Dawnleaf, an Elf Druidic Witch priestess and Felipe Hernandez, a Spanish brujah (witch.) The medieval era and modern age collide as two hearts touch across time…


Twilight Pose Pack by Analosims

The Greatest Park by TamiOrca

Traditional Witchcraft by Zero


Officially and permanently retired from the Sims Community and quitting writing. All of my projects are now discontinued. I will leave my old content up, but I feel like there is no place for me or my work in this community. Harassment, health, and creative burnout have taken too much of a toll and I no longer enjoy writing.

Thanks for reading and for the support.

New Sims

Just showing off some new Sims I recently created. ^^

Madelyn Cross
Dimitri Antonov, Vampire
Dark Form

I have tentative plans for them, but I have too many unfinished projects on my plate at the moment. Still, a Buffy/Angel-inspired romance with a twist would be interesting, eh? 🙂

Island Living- Ginger

I turned Ginger from Alone, Together into a mermaid in an alternate, tropical-themed save for the hell of it. Not really for the hell of of it, I had my reasons: 1) I was bored and very curious to see what she’d look like. 2) It was cold, and I was longing for a warm, tropical beach-y place… hello Sulani! *NOTE* This has no bearing on the story, this was just for fun. 🙂

Beauty from the Deep


Shallow Waters Pose Pack by nova-plays (FKA simmingkatie)

Mermaid Pose Pack by Caz-Mari Mods

CC List:

Opalo Tail, Forearm Fin and Aura Shell Top by DanSimsFantasy

Female Skin Overlay, Hairline and Siren Eyes by RemusSirion

Morticia Eyebrows, Herz Lipstick, Dromi Eyeshadow by Pralinesims

Freckles, Aura Choker, Chin Cleft and Nails by Pralinesims

Evergreen Hair Retexture by Aveirasims

Scales by weepingsimmer

Eyelashes by Kijiko

Siren Ears by tekri