Bloodline- Chapter 4: Frenemies Pt.1

San Myshuno

Darkness settled over the room as the sun was whisked below the horizon. Vincent awakened slowly, the sounds of the city nightlife beckoning to him. He yawned, stretching, then rose and drifted to the oversized window. Vincent parted the heavy dark curtains and stared at the full moon, a surge of restlessness rising inside him. It’s a good night to feel the wind…


Melisandra quickly ran a brush through her hair and pulled on a black t-shirt with the graphic of two ravens forming a heart, surrounded by the twisted thorns of purple roses. A fleece corset-back hoodie, skinny jeans, and velvet combat boots finished her outfit. She reached for an off-white envelope on the dresser, removing a pair of gift cards and seventy-five dollars. The cards were from her favorite stores, the Belfry and the Art Stop, respectively. Now I can buy a set of those professional-quality colored pencils I’ve been wanting so badly, Melisandra thought happily, putting the gift cards and money into her wallet.


Upbeat pop music and cool air enveloped Melisandra as she entered the Magnolia Promenade Mall. The shopping center was a huge complex of stores with an open food court area, many kiosks, and a gourmet bakery and coffeehouse. She broke away from the thin crowd and headed towards the Art Stop, a large storefront whose sign was shaped like a palette and paintbrush with the name in neat block lettering. The store held quarterly swap meets for local artists and an art fair every summer. An electronic bell chimed as Melisandra pushed the door open…


… Vincent watched from behind a shelf as a young woman with auburn hair entered the store. A soft heat like that of a candle flame touched the edges of his consciousness, and his jaw tightened. She’s a witch, he realized. But why does she look familiar? Yet nothing clicked in his memory. This isn’t a coincidence. A wave of quiet anger simmered inside him at the thought. Did Moira send her after me? Is she secretly plotting behind my back? He stealthily made his way toward the back exit and stepped into the large, mostly empty parking lot. As Vincent neared the bright lamppost where his car, a metallic black Porsche convertible waited in a pool of light. His cell phone chimed a text message. Not a good time, he thought darkly and pulled it from his jeans pocket.


Amaris Bloodflower: Hey! What’s up? Guess what I got!


Normally he’d be more than happy to sit back and text with Amaris, but not tonight. Vincent’s body was taut with tension as he typed out a reply.


Orpheus Thorne: It’s really not a good night. Sorry. A grinning smiley face emoticon proceeded a photo of a box of professional-quality colored pencils. His blood froze. Amaris… no. No… you can’t be. Vincent fought to reign in the maelstrom of emotions swirling through him and chucked the phone into the passenger seat. The tires squealed as he threw the car into reverse and raced from the lot.


Melisandra sat cross-legged on the bed, humming softly as she reached for a deep blue colored pencil from the clear, plastic case beside her and carefully shaded the drawing’s eyes. Her eyes drifted from the sketch to the phone laying on the nightstand.

Orpheus had blocked her.

Confused hurt welled up inside her. Meli returned the pencil to the case and studied the handsome features of the sketch. Her fingertip traced the lines of long black hair framing his face. I knew you would come back into my life. A warm tingle shot up Meli’s spine as the realization dawned on her with blazing clarity. No.

The guy from the prom and Orpheus were the same.

She snatched the phone up and left the room. Amber-Lily’s door was half-open and the loud music of Diablo 3 poured into the hallway. Meli knocked. “I need your help…”

“… Almost done with this rift… one sec…” Amber-Lily refocused on the screen and fired a barrage of arrows into a large, gold-outlined skeletal figure. Three minutes later she logged off the game and swiveled the blue leather desk chair. “Hey.” Then she noticed her twin’s anxious expression. Amber’s face creased with worry. “What’s up? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Melisandra clutched the phone with a shaking hand. “Can you track a phone number for me? I… I have this weird feeling…”

Amber-Lily folded her hands over her stomach. “I’m guessing there’s a good reason you want a number tracked.” The statement was an opening for an explanation.

Meli perched on her sister’s bed and laid the phone on the small computer desk. The desk was made of white oak wood in a modern, simplistic style with a trio of drawers on the left and a slide-out keyboard tray. “Yeah. Um, I’ve been texting this guy I met online and…”

Oh, no. Meli, you idiot, Amber-Lily groaned inwardly. “And?” she coaxed harshly.

“And I think it’s the guy I’m being forced to marry. But I’m not sure,” Melisandra finished weakly.

“Are you a total frigging moron, Meli?!” Amber-Lily snapped. The elder twin flinched at the remark and tensed. “If the guy you’re texting is the same person, he can track you down and kidnap you! Or kill you! Did you stop to think about the danger you’ve put yourself in?!” Amber counted to ten and exhaled slowly. In a calmer tone, “I’ll help you. What are you looking for?”

Meli visibly relaxed. “His name… an address, anything you can find out about him. I can bring up his online profile…”

Amber-Lily scooted over. “Do it.” She watched as Melisandra brought up the Obsidian Noir homepage. Their mother’s gothic art and literature blog had evolved into a social network and online community for alternative lifestyles.

“I met him here. We commented on each other’s artwork and he messaged me. Nothing serious, at first. Just two artists talking shop, mostly.” Meli clicked on a small square with the image of a full moon surrounded by crows. The twins waited as the page loaded.

“Orpheus Thorne?” Amber-Lily snickered as she read the profile information. “You goths sure have some goofy screen names!”

Meli swatted her sister on the shoulder. “Amber!”

“So, anyway,” Amber sobered, the mirth fading from her eyes. “How long has this been going on?”

Melisandra squirmed under her sister’s intense scrutiny. “Since the week before our birthday,” she admitted. Don’t tell her about the emails.

“Okay.” Amber-Lily clicked on the taskbar and a new window popped up. “Give me a couple of hours to see what I can dig up.”

“All right.” Melisandra moved to leave and paused at the door. “Thank you.”


Callahan’s Irish Pub was a large building on the corners of Deckard and Oak Street. The dark green facade bore the bar’s name in old-fashioned gold lettering; large, well-lit windows and an arched double door beckoned customers inside. A No Smoking sign decked the right window and an outdoor ashtray stood off to one side. The convertible screamed as it jerked into a space in the parking lot. Vincent slammed the door shut as he exited and stalked into the pub, heading straight for the office. A tall, dark-skinned man with a lean build and wavy black hair stepped out from behind the bar. “You can’t go back there,” he stated firmly in a Spanish accent.

Vincent glared at the man. “I want to see Moira. Now.”

The Spaniard held his ground. “Moira isn’t here.”

“I can smell her. She’s here. Now let me through.” The last part came through gritted teeth as the vampire struggled to hold his temper.

The Spaniard’s lips twitched into a hard line. “No.” Vincent ignored the man, pushing past him and continued toward the back. A hand gripped his shoulder from behind. “I said…” The man’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head as Vincent’s punch connected with his jaw. A pair of bouncers cautiously swept in.

Footsteps sounded from within the corridor leading to the back of the bar. Moira surveyed the damage and snapped her narrowed gaze onto Vincent. “What the hell is going on out here?!”

Vincent’s eyes turned a bright icy blue as he stared the witch down. “Moira!” he snarled in a low, dangerous voice.


Photoshoot: Lost Soul

Inspired by the Andy Black song Soul like Me.

Lost Soul






Thank you to all the creators of the CC/poses I used and to itsMalachai, the creator of the St. Vladislaus Chapel lot from the Gallery. I did not create Vincent myself, all original creator credit goes to Ladydiath from the Gallery.

CC/Poses List:

Hybrid Pose Pack by RemusSirion

Male Nails, Antihero Smoky Eyeliner, and Eleanor Earring by Pralinesims

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Loose Flowing Top by Revolution Sims

Eyes, Eyelashes, and EyebrowsEyebrows by Kijiko

Tattoo by Kala

Body Scar, Body Scar 2, and Back Scars by Chocobun

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Body Hair by Luumia

Nose and Lip Piercings by Pralinesims

Photoshoot: Night Warrior

An homage to Vincent’s past as a warrior and vampire hunter/trainer for the witch covens before Miriam’s betrayal.

Challenge Accepted!


(Goes Dark Form)







Thank you to all the creators of the CC/poses I used and to itsMalachai, the creator of the St. Vladislaus Chapel lot from the Gallery. I did not create Vincent myself, all original creator credit goes to Ladydiath from the Gallery.

CC/Poses List:

Sword Master Pose Pack by Natalia Auditore Acessory swords  for the Poses HERE

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Eleanor Earring (L) by Pralinesims

Modulation Eyeshadow by RemusSirion

HYPE Male Boots by Helsoseira

Tattoo by Kala

Body Scar,  Body Scar 2 and Back Scars by Chocobun

Body Hair by Luumia

Nose and Lip Piercings by Pralinesims

OE1221 Retexture by remaron Mesh (required) HERE

Hair-05MF by Hal’s Archive

Eyebrows by Kijiko

Druid Priestess

Avianna Dawnleaf, an elf Druid/witch priestess inspired by the Lord of the Rings novels/films and the MMORPG games LOTRO, World of Warcraft, EverQuest and EverQuest 2. Her Traits are Bookworm, Dog Lover, and Loves the Outdoors; her Aspiration is Freelance Botanist and she’ll be a Gardener/Florist. I’ve decided her main skills will be Gardening, Herbalism, Flower Arranging, and magickal skills will be split between practical magic and alchemy. Supportive skills will include Handiness, Pet Training, Cooking/Baking/Gourmet Cooking, and Wellness. A CC-free non-spellcaster version of her is available on my Gallery page for download.

Avianna Before (No CC)


Avianna After (CC Makeover)


Thank you to all the creators of the CC I used.

CC List:

Myrcella Dress by Sifix

Hair by wingssims

Countdown Necklace and Earrings by Pralinesims

Female Skin Overlay by RemusSirion

Eyelashes, Eyes, and Eyebrows by Kijiko

Bentonite Lipstick and Modulation Eyeshadow by RemusSirion

Couples Photoshoot #2: Rococo Dance

A Rococo-themed dance that harkens back to Vincent’s eighteenth century roots. Enjoy 🙂


The Ballroom


May I have This Dance?

Ballroom 3

Ballroom2Ballroom 4




Thank you to all the creators of the CC/poses I used and to aprilgamerchick, the creator of Nocturne Manor lot from the Gallery. I did not create Vincent myself, his original creator is Ladydiath from the Gallery.

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Male Skin Overlay,  Female Skin Overlay, Modulation Eyeshadow and Bentonite Lipstick by RemusSirion

Male Nails by Pralinesims

Eyelashes,   Vampire Eyes,  Eyebrows, and Eyes  by Kijiko

Cross Earring and Lace Collar by S-club

Rose Earrings by toksik

Barebara’s Cakeskirt Recolor and Rococo Frock Coat  by SSTS

Samantha Hair by Anto

Wings 0E-1221 Hair Retexture by Remaron Original Mesh HERE






Chapter 32: Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone Pt. 2


Jasmina sighed and closed her eyes as she snuggled into his chest, wrapping her arms around him. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, baby.” He released her and stood up, offering a hand. “Come on, your dinner should be ready.” Her stomach rumbled loudly at the mention of food and they both laughed.

“Are you training to be a househusband?” she teased and mentally kicked herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! WHY did I say that?! “Shit. I shouldn’t have…”

Anguish lanced him and Caleb looked away, blinking back tears. “Why, Jasmina?” He’d spoken his thoughts aloud. “Out of all the mortals you can choose from, why a monster? Why?”

“Stop calling yourself that!” Jasmina cried. She left the bed and cupped his face as tears spilled down her cheeks. “You’re not a monster! You’re a kind, wonderful, gentle man… I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

She doesn’t see me as a vampire. That realization was finally starting to sink in. She’s never seen me that way… Caleb wiped his eyes with a trembling hand and his voice was a throaty choke. “But there are so many things I can’t give you…”

“I don’t care. As long as we can be together, I don’t care.” Jasmina looked deeply into his eyes. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you and nothing will ever change that.”

His arms wrapped around her once more in a tight embrace, and he dropped a kiss on the top of her head. “I love you too.” He drank in the warmth of her body, of her devotion. Caleb closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. Home. Then the ear-splitting screech of the smoke alarm wailed. Caleb’s eyes popped open. “Shit! Food’s burning!” He rushed to the kitchen.



Caleb hastily moved the large skillet from the right burner to the left and turned the stove off. He threw open the windows above the sink to clear the air then yanked a rectangular baking pan out of the oven. Caleb surveyed the damage; one of the six chicken breasts needed to be thrown away and the Parmesan breadsticks were slightly over-baked. Clattering sounds came from the cupboard as the vampire retrieved a plate. A violent tremor shot through his hand, the white and pink floral patterned ceramic crashing to the floor in a shattered heap. “DAMN IT!” The withdrawal symptoms had returned and worsened. He gripped the edge of the counter to calm down. Great. Just fucking great.

“Are you okay?” Jasmina laid a concerned hand on his shoulder.

“I’m fine,” Caleb snapped. “Just fine.” Hurt lit up her face and her eyes shone with tears. Guilt twisted through him. “Baby, I’m-” She snatched her hand back and turned, darting down the hall. The bedroom door slammed shut and he could hear her sobbing. I made her cry, Caleb realized with a sinking heart. I’m the world’s biggest asshole.



Jasmina sat on the bed, knees drawn to her chest and her head bowed. Tears leaked from her closed eyes. She recognized all too well the signs of drug withdrawal. It’s my fault, Jasmina thought, utterly heartbroken. All my fault. If I’d just taken him back… Regret crushed her, and she wept inconsolably. The soft sound of approaching footsteps drew closer and Caleb joined her on the bed. “I’m sorry.” Jasmina choked. “I’m so sorry!”

His eyes brimmed with tears as Caleb took Jasmina in his arms and rubbed her back in soothing circles. “You have nothing to be sorry for.” The vampire’s tears glimmered in her hair as he began to weep. “Don’t blame yourself for my actions- the fault is mine alone,” he stated in a firm yet gentle tone.



Del Sol Valley


Rain pounded the roof and splattered the windows, the night air muggy and stifling. The cheap but comfortable motel room comprised of two double beds, a nightstand, and a dresser with a television on it. The small bathroom had a toilet, sink, mirror, and tub with a shower. A black, four-string Fender bass guitar, its body detailed in ornate silver gothic scrollwork, rested at the foot of the bed. The lone man who sat cross-legged on the bed stared at a crumpled piece of notepaper, the lyrics to a song scribbled on it.

Siren. A song he’d written for Jasmina.

Alexander Goth took the paper in his shaking hands and smoothed it out, tears rolling down his cheeks. His heart twisted with despair. Is this what I gave you up for? Cheap motels and bimbo groupies and misery? You were the best thing to ever happen to me… I never should’ve left you…

But he’d chosen his music over her. And now Alex was regretting it. He tucked the paper under his pillow as the ugly reality of his decision fully sank in. Alex clenched his fists against the pain that welled up inside him. The room closed around him like a cage. I need out of here. He rose and stepped out into the rain.



A tall, young man detached himself from the shadows of the alley as he watched Alex stroll down the sidewalk and into the corner bar. He leaned against the brick wall and reached into the pocket of his slashed skinny jeans. A flip phone opened, a number quickly dialed. “Lucian, it’s Vincent. I’ve located Alexander Goth. What’s our next move?”

Second Anniversary

Today is the Second Anniversary of  my SimLit, Stars and the Sun! 


I’d just like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have stuck by and supported my work through the good times and bad. There have been way too many times where I’ve wanted to just say fuck it all and delete everything out of writer’s block and frustration, but I’m glad I never did. And I never will. Stars will be completed, as well as my other stories, but it may take a little longer because of mental health and other medical issues. Again, everyone, thank you for reading and for your continued support.  🙂


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